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Stories of our distributors and Bow Wow brand fans


….We had 2 very funny episodes which I must tell you. We have had so many just too many to tell but these 2 were classic.
A lady was walking her dog near the stand and the dog was the size of a horse. It was huge. It got the scent of the sticks and dragged her into the middle of the displays she couldn’t hold it back .
It put its head into a box of goose liver sausages picked up over a dozen sticks in its mouth and wanted to take them . It’s owner had no choice.

The other involved a guide dog for the blind which each morning brought its blind owner to our stand instead of the stand the man was working on. He did laugh! In fact the dog did a few visits to our stand minus his owner!

It just proves that Bow Wow really is the snack all dogs bark for!!….