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Product quality

Quality management system

Our company follows  strict EC regulations and  is certified according to strict qualitative criteria. We meet the requirements for IFS and HACCP quality standards. Our quality management system is implemented at all levels of the company’s operations, from assigning orders and receiving materials to dispatching completed products.

IFS – of assistance in creating the IFS standards were the German (HDE), French (FCD) and Italian (ANCC, ANCD) retailer unions in cooperation with manufacturers, certifying bodies and standard users. This standard applies to the safety of products, compliance with legislative requirements and quality management system. The standards were designed to help organizations ensure that customer requirements are met.

IFS certificate

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is one of the key tools to effectively prevent risks which jeopardize the safety of feeds. HACCP certification is proof of the function and efficiency of the implemented HACCP system.

HACCP certificate

Our company is under routine veterinary supervision.

For these reasons  “quality” is not just a clever catch phrase at Mira Mar.


Our plant uses the latest technologies, and their continuous innovation ensures the high quality of the products we produce.



Mira Mar is certified by ‘Český výrobek s.r.o.’ Increasing the sales of Czech products has a decisive impact on the positive development of businesses and employment, which significantly contributes to the entire Czech economy.

Meets conditions for awarding the ‘Czech product’ licence:

The product is made in the Czech Republic.

The producer employs Czech employees, who participate in the production of the products.

Czech materials – at least 50 % of the materials or components originate in the Czech Republic; or, for products for which the materials or components cannot be obtained in the Czech Republic, work must be done entirely in the Czech Republic  in creating a new product from these materials or components, and not simply involving re-packing.

The producer guarantees the quality, safety and harmlessness of the products.

The producer complies with legal regulations, and pays taxes and social and health insurance in the territory of the Czech Republic.

The producer follows a complaints procedure.

The producer complies with environmental standards.