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Product lists

BW008 Windmill Smoked Maet & Whey 55pcs
BW063 Jerky Smoked Meat Sticks 4pcs/polybag 40pcs/box
BW112 Poultry Liver & Whey triangle 45pcs
BW135 Chicken Legs 80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
BW151 Tubitos Mint Oil & Whey
BW161 Tubotos Poultry & Whey 35pcs
BW164 Tubitos Smoked Meat & Whey 35pcs
BW165 Tubitos Poultry Liver & Whey 35pcs
BW172 Beef Meat Sticks 50pcs bulk in a polybag
BW174 Smoked Beef Meat Sticks 50pcs bulk in a polybag
BW175 Beef Meat Sticks 170pcs
BW301A Natural Bone Beef ,Poultry liver & Yucca 30pcs
BW302A Natural Bone Beef Tomato & Grape Seed 30pcs/box
BW305A Natural Bone Beef & L-Carnitin 30pcs/box
BW309 Natural Stick Beef & Tripe, 22cm 50pcs/box
BW310 Natural Stick Beef, Poultry Liver & Yucca, 22cm 50pcs/box
BW322 Natural Stick Beef & Lung, 22cm 50pcs/box
BW333A Natural Bone Beef & Tripe 30pcs/box
BW335 XXL Natural Beef & Lung Sausage 40pcs/box
BW359 XS Natural Ball Beef & Lung 900g
BW366 Beef Mini Bones & Collagen 80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
BW367 Collagen Chips & Poultry Liver 60g in a polybag/23polybags/box
BW395A Natural Bone Beef & Vegetable & Glukosamine and Chondroitine 30pcs/box
BW426S Beef Collagen & Poultry Liver Strips 60g 20polybags/box 
BW428 Eucalyptus Stars Stick 30pcs
BW437R Beef Collagen Salami Slices 80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
BW465 Beef Collagen Sticks 60pcs
BW466 Beef Collagen & Poultry Liver Sticks 60pcs
BW468 Beef Collagen & Poultry Liver Sausages 1kg
BW470B Jerky Beef Mini Sticks 90pcs
BW542 Beef & Whey Chop  80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
BW552 Poultry Meat & Whey Rolls 35pcs
BW554 Marrow & Whey Rolls 35pcs
BW600 Flat Strip Tooth Brush 40pcs
BW621 Jorkie Smoked Meat & Whey 80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
BW701 Beef Collagen Chips 60g in a polybag/23polybags/box TN:23091090
BW731 Smoked Beef Meat Sticks 40pcs
BW867 Mini Bones & Collagen 80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
BW881 Poultry Liver & Whey Bones 80g in a polybag/15polybags/box
F352B Super Stick Beef & Collagen 24pcs/box
F353B Super Sausage Beef & Collagen 24pcs/box
F363K Pudding Stick Caramel 6pcs/bunch
F423 XXL Beef collagen & poultry liver strips 100g 40polybags/box TN:23091090
F427B XXL Stick Beef & Collagen 24pcs/box
F436K Pudding Stick Beef 6pcs in a bunch
F440K Pudding Stick Bacon 6pcs/bunch
F441K Pudding Stick Chicken 6pcs/bunch
F555A XXL Goose Liver Sausage 72pcs/box