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About us

Mira Mar, a Czech family owned company previously known as a producer of aquariums, was founded by Jan Folk in 1989. In 1991 we started dealing in imported pet food and pet accessories as a wholesaler. That same year we also began production of anti-parasitical collars, sprays and shampoos. Since 2000, Mira Mar has been solely focused on the production of pet snacks under its own trademark Bow Wow and under private labels.

We have created a modern company with a pleasant woking environment. Our staff forms an exceptional team which is proud to produce and sell high quality czech products. Our principal goals include the success and satisfaction of our business partners as well as the production of high quality treats.


Our values

At Mira Mar we gain our experience from domestic research and long term field work. Our main values and factors of success are...

Product quality

Our company follows strict EC regulations and is certified according to strict qualitative criteria. We meet the requirements for IFS and HACCP quality standards.

Social / Community

A place where we share stories of our distributors and clients worldwide.